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LED Video Wall

We are proud to be able to offer from stock a very large quantity of led video wall products. From low-resolution mesh screens to high-resolution tight pitches, we can supply video wall screens to suit any design and budget. Curved displays ground stacked or flown, live video and camera feeds to bespoke content and replay.

An LED video wall is one of the brightest types of digital signage that provides you with an attractive option for various settings. Whether used for a concert video screen or an electronic billboard, LED video walls capture your audience’s attention. Unlike a normal projector screen, it supports high-definition video resolution. The display surface’s total resolution increases for every display added to the video wall. This feature provides you with a video with a much larger display and a higher resolution than a normal single-display projector screen.

All our LED video screen products are from Dutch Media Tools, a single-source for high-quality video processors and LED pixel screens. We offer the SB-801 Sender Box and different kinds of rigging bars. These accessories help you install your LED video screens at your venue. For a creative and attractive video system, use LED video screens for your next event.

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