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Smoke, Haze & FX

A range of effects units for a range of possibilities ! All are held in rental stock at Phonophobia Ltd including systems from the world known Smoke Factory, Martin and Chauvet.

Model Brand

Chauvet bubble master

A very big bubble machine! ¬†suitable to cover large areas with intuitive control options. Tank Capacity: 56oz (1.7l) Fluid Consumption: 324ml/hr Input Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz or 230V 50Hz Power and Current: 58W, 1.2A @ 120V 60Hz Power and Current: 84W, … Read more

Impulse 648 strobe

Snow machine

Antari’s largest snow machine with wired remote control and full dmx options. These are great units to create that wintery day should you wish … anywhere!  

50w UV

Energy SD1 Laser

1500w Strobe

Our most basic standard strobe unit

400w UV Cannon

Mirror ball Motors

We have a selection of mirror ball motors in different sizes and weight loadings to cater for our range of mirror ball hire stock. We can supply a number of control and rigging options so do feel welcome to enquire.

Stage Distance Fan

Perfect to keep people cool, or help distribute haze and smoke systems stage fans are a popular product. Supplied with 16a in’s we can supply switch packs for dmx control if required. 3 Fan speed settings for maximum comfort Speed … Read more

Magnum 1800

Martin produce some of the most world known and highly regarded effects systems. The magnum 1800 is a true high power smoke machine with built in remote control options as well as dmx. Each hire is supplied with a full … Read more

Tour Haze 2

We have tried many hazers over the years but nothing rivals the quality of Smoke Factory units. Built into their own flightcases these simple to deploy and highly regarded machines have done well the world over. Each rental is supplied … Read more

Chauvet Geyser

Known as the best faux co2 effect going these smoke generators are pretty cool eye candy. Using a bespoke smoke fluid which very quickly disappears you can colour the fast jets of smoke with the built in led light rings … Read more

Quad E27 Pendent Lighting Set

Used as film props, cool lights for pop up bars and hanging eye candy for wedding venue and stages these are a basic yet eyely satisfying light (see what i did there). Supplied with led filament lamps these units are … Read more

LED Square

At home with our led spheres these colour changing cubes are perfect to hang up and be part of larger set designs. With standalone and dmx control there are endless possibilities with these types of lighting fixtures.

LED sphere

Perfect for hanging from trusses, trees and buildings and forming part of set designs these spheres are pretty cool! We have a few different sizes and each benefits from standalone as well as full dmx control with full colour options.

Mirror Balls . Large range of size options.

Everything from 10cm to 100cm we have quite a stock of mirror balls and rigging options.

Star Cluster Laser

100MW Red and 40MW Green Laser 200+ Red and Green Laser points Creating animated patterns 70+ degree beeam angle Sound To Light Sensitivity control 5 Channel DMX Operation Endless show creation possibilities XLR DMX In & Out Tough all metal … Read more

Laserscan 1000RGB

1000mW professional RGB laser with in-air beam FX plus burst grating shutter FX in one unit! 400mW red laser 150mW green laser 450mW blue laser 25Kpps fast scanning motor Full 19 channel DMX512 operation ILDA DB25 input and output/through for … Read more

Martin Atomic 3000w Strobe

Deployed on almost every major event the Martin Atomic is the go to large format strobe, heavy duty high grade these fixtures never let you down! fitted with 16a connector and flightcased in pairs with clamps and safety. 3000 W … Read more

FREQ 5 LED Strobe

¬†Fantastic eye candy led based multi cell strobe (we also have the meter long versions). ¬†Great for subtle eye candy as part of larger rigs or alone as a simple hire item. Standalone and full dmx options built in. We … Read more

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