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Outboard, Recording & Playback

Eq's, compression or gates, multi effect processors and tape decks .... we supply the finest audio equipment to assist you do the perfect job ... everytime.


Soundcraft Signature 12MTK

Another quality offering from Soundcraft. This handy little console is perfect as a small format mixing console but equally pretty smart! You can use this console as your soundcard to facilitate simple recording setups with any software on any system. … Read more

Lexicon MPX 550

Lexicon MX200

Lexicon MPX 500

  The Effects     • Plates 9 • Gated Reverb 10 • Hall Reverb 10 • Chamber Reverb 10 • Ambience 10 • Room Reverb 10 • Tremolo 5 • Rotary 5 • Chorus 5 • Flange 5 • … Read more

BSS Fcs966 31 band eq

Graphic equalisers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback control and general audio sweetening.  

Drawmer DS404 Quad comp

Yamaha Rev 5

DBX 266xl Comp Gate

DBX 231s EQ

Denon DN-2600F Cd player

Denon single draw cd player

Denon Stereo cassette tape player

Tascam MD301 mk2 mini disc player

Sony DTC- A8 DAT machine

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Hi Mark
Big thanks to your team. The ball was a great success, raising lots of money for our two charities.
It would not have been possible without your special brand of humour  and also the terrific cooperation that you extend to us in making sure everything works smoothly on the day from absolute start to finish.
We would happily recommend you to anyone who wants a great AV set up and a great support team.
See you next year!

The ball committee

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