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Cabinet Speakers

From discrete conference to long throw concert and touring systems, line arrays and much muchmore. What ever the required dispersion........we have it covered.

Model Brand

D&B Audiotechnik V- Sub

Touring grade world renowned high power sub enclosure from the wizards at D&B Audiotechnik! A true cardioid enclosure which sits in V setups and delivers more than expectation regularly!   Nothing better than being in monitor world behind a bunch … Read more

D&B Audiotechnik Q10

What more can we say other than …. its Q , its still the best little point source system in our opinion…. and many more. A great wide coverage alternative to the Q7 and perfect as part of a wider … Read more

D&B Audiotechnik M4

If you have never used one you will certainly have seen them across almost any major event stage. The d&B M4 is a trusted reference monitor for touring artists world wide. These are our most loved wedges and have delivered … Read more


These are tiny, well crafted and unique little cabinets which deliver quite a satisfying amount of energy when required. Fully self powered and perfect for hiding in little spaces, tough rooms where the location of audio reinforcement needs consideration or … Read more

FBT Verve 108

Clean, discrete and powerful.  We have chosen the FBT Verve 108 as our general hire loudspeakers for corporate hires where speech reproduction is important.  Perfect also for back ground music and fills these boxes do the trick daily. Fitted with … Read more

FBT Xpro 12a

A great all rounder self powered cabinet. Perfect for self powered box on a stick deployment or utilising their wedge angles as light weight punchy monitor enclosures.  The Xpro 12A is perfect for disco, party and DJ monitoring applications as … Read more

FBT X SUB 18 sa

This is a compact 18″ loaded self powered sub bass enclosure which is perfect for adding that low end thump to a party, perfect for disco use and live music. Our X subs have castors fitted to the rear and … Read more

FBT Verve 112ma

Quality low profile discrete self powered wedge speakers. Added to rental stock by accident really, we purchased our first few as powered shout wedges for communication between FOH and MONITORS .. .. turns out they are actually really lovely boxes! B&C … Read more

JBL VRX 915m

More than just a traditional 15″ active passive switching monitor enclosure, the JBL VRX 915 M is an animal. Very high quality construction and light weight these wedges pack a punch and are more than suitable for deployment across large … Read more

JBL Vertec VT880 Sub

JBL Vertec is a popular big box system for tours, stadiums and arenas worldwide. We are proud to not have a little … but a heck of a lot of it. The VT880 sub is a large format dual 18″ … Read more

JBL Vertec VT889

Big boys toys for sure! The JBL Vertec VT889 full size line array enclosure is not for the feint hearted. These cabinets are designed for large format sound reproduction for large scale events such as festivals and arena / stadium … Read more

D&B Audiotechnik V8

One of the most well regarded and used worldwide loudspeakers the V series from D&B audiotechnik really is quite amazing! The V series from d&b can be found on many a rider and show and will satisfy the requirements of … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik Q1

Flown or ground stacked the Q1 from D&B Audiotechnik is still a formidable audio system by any standards. A very popular rental product, we store and ship Q1 in cased pairs and touring carts of four and eight cabinets.  We … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik Q sub

Compact yet tight, punchy and musical the Q sub is a world wide choice for critical low end deployment. Simple to stack, great as part of small Q rigs and large Q1 array setups you can also create cardioid configurations … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik Q7

Our most popular rental cabinet, we have real quantity of Q7’s in stock with every single rigging option ever designed by D&B.  Perfect as boxes on sticks or combined with Q subs for a punchy rig and as down fills … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik C4 Top

The world standard in point source technology, the D&B C4 system is a legend and still strongly requested daily! Many a touring A lister has had C4 specified and many a designer and engineer choose C4 for its unique capabilities. … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik C4 Sub

Part of the world known and highly sought after C series point source systems the C4 sub is suited especially to be used with the C4 top loudspeaker and even under a max wedge as a drum sub. Our C4 subs … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik B2 Infra sub

  The go to infra sub of the industry, one of the best known bass enclosures for simply being awesome! We have an impressive stock of B2 all supplied with transit lid and heavy duty slip on cover to keep … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik J sub

D&B’s largest system (J) can be found at large scale events across the world. The J sub is powerful and simply breathtaking cardioid enclosure. Best suited to use with J series but also father fantastic when used under a V, … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik J12

Large format line array at its best.  We love J series and so do almost every sound engineer world wide. Can be used as smaller ground stacked systems or as part of large flown arrays the J12 is the wider … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik J8

  Our most popular line array element in the rental department, this is large format line array at its best. We love our J series and love nothing more than happy listeners at every event. Either used as smaller ground stacked … Read more

d&b Audiotechnik E3

The E3 from d&b Audiotechnik is still a box well in demand , in fact we always have E3’s out on hire either as cased pairs fired out by courier or multiple box systems we have you covered! With the … Read more

Turbosound TXD-12M

The Great British manufacturer ! We have an impressive stock of 12m’s as these cabinets are perfect for a range of uses from simple on stand deployment to stage wedges, fills and shouts. Quality made and loaded with the expected … Read more

TurboSound TXD 115 Sub

A great addition to a txd series hire to bolster up the rig, either as a small format stereo pa with poles and tops or to under pin a 12M on stage as a drum sub you will not be … Read more

Nova Visio VS12

  More quality German designed and manufactured loudspeakers, this time from Pocking in Germany. The Craaft Audio factory launched NOVA a few years ago and we were an early adopter and have since had great success in the rental and … Read more

Nova Visio VS 215 Sub

Slim, portable and powerful! This dual 15″ bass system from Nova certainly packs a punch and is well suited as a dry hire sub to assist with your requirements or as part of a larger system using the VS12 tops … Read more


Perfect for stage shouts or as a little powered budget conscious monitor/ box on a stand.   10″ 2-Way Bi-Amp Modelling Speaker Monitors Active System Type: 2-way Bi-Amp. with MODELLER Low Output Power : 350W (EIAJ) High Output Power: 65W (EIAJ) … Read more

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