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Hire 01622 861626
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Phonophobia Ltd can not only install your equipment, we can maintain it as well. This can be done on weekly, monthly, bimonthly or yearly basis. what ever suits you and your venue.

This does not have to be a costly expense. we can offer other services included in your service package such as pat testing, cleaning and repairs, which could save you money overall. Depending on your business you may want to attach a 24-hr call out service, we can tailor a maintenance package to you and the services you need.

We also offer a discount on sub hires to clients with a service package. This allows you to hire in extra DJ equipment, Lighting etc at a much better rate.

Regular servicing will prolong the life of your equipment and stop breakdowns happening. We understand that most venues just don’t have the time to service or clean equipment on a regular basis, but we do have the time and expertise to keep your venue running smoothly.

Please feel welcome to get in touch with a member of our team maintenance@phonophobia-online.co.uk

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