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Hire 01622 861626
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Soundcraft Vi1..... need we say more!!!

Our progression into the land of digital Soundcraft continues, with the great success our audio department have had with the SI Compact series consoles letting one of these babies land at Phono towers is certainly the right move.

As well as the normal yamaha digital consoles we have been running for a while now the addition of the compact and VI series consoles has really made a big difference in what we offer our rental and touring clients. With Si compacts in 16 and 32ch frames we can supply you the tools you need for your show.


Our Vi is loaded with madi card and we can supply compact stage boxes and VI racks to boot …… we are always happy to demo boards and provide training if and when needed.

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"Guys were very helpful and did a good job, Thanks very much for doing it at such short notice"

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