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Soundcraft Vi3000 hire

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We are proudly the first in the UK to add the VI3000 to rental stock and have had great success and positive feedback since its introduction.

Suited at either front of house or monitors this sleek well made and beautifully designed console will be right for any job.

Very similar in workflow to the rest of the VI range every operator from walk up to established is at home on a VI very quickly indeed.

Our main festival house boards are VI’s and our engineers and freelancers prefer a Soundcraft over anything else.

The VI 3000 is Madi and Dante enabled and we can supply a range of racks to boot from fully loaded VI racks to mini stage boxes.

The Soundcraft Vi3000 features an all-new appearance with a more efficiently designed control surface, 36 faders, 24 mono/stereo busses and a sweeping black screen panel with four Vistonics II™ touchscreen interfaces with sleek, updated 3D graphics. Because the Vi3000 has four touchscreens, it’s the only console in its class that can be used by two engineers at the same time.

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