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Pulsar Masterpiece 216 hire

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  • 216 PMX dimmable output channels (Pulsar MultipleX)
  • 512 DMX output slot patching system
  • 0-10V analogue outputs provided for channels 1-36
  • 216 Scenes each with individual fade in and out times
  • Full theatrical functionality
  • 54 Scene Chases with fade in and out times, slopes, etc.
  • Chase generator provides quick generation of chase sequences
  • 48 Environments
  • 6 Environment Chases
  • 3 Zone 4 band fully patchable Sound to Light
  • Configurable joystick control
  • 8 Shows stored in memory

The Masterpiece 216 is a 216 channel memory desk designed for the control of theatre, band, discotheque, environmental and audio-visual applications. The Masterpiece 216 is a universal fully programmable future-proofed controller.

From a theatrical point of view, Masterpiece 216 features:

  • Fully automatic timed crossfades
  • Manual crossfades using the ‘A’ and ‘B’ masters
  • Individual scene fade in and fade out times
  • Instant access to the channels, scenes and chases is always provided
  • Grand master and black-out provided for the whole desk.

The Masterpiece 216 accepts an audio input which is used for sound-to-light. Pulsar Modulator’s sound-to-light circuits are built in to give 3 zones of 4 audio bands, each patchable at any level to the 216 channels. Scene chases can also be selected to bass and treble burst or step modes.

A fully programmable joystick is provided, that can be “patched” to any of the 216 channels to control motors, moving mirrors, etc.

The Masterpiece 216 features a DMX patching system that allows the standard 216 PMX channels to control up to a maximum of 512 DMX output slots. This is particularly useful when controlling large numbers of intelligent lighting fixtures.

The Masterpiece 216 provides a Chase Generator that will allow for quick generation of chase effects and aid the efficient use of Scenes. (This feature is available by FOC software upgrades)

The Memory of Masterpiece 216 is able to hold 8 Shows at any one time, each show can be easily recalled. Masterpiece 216 Memory cards (128KB) can also hold up to 2 shows.

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Hi Mark
Big thanks to your team. The ball was a great success, raising lots of money for our two charities.
It would not have been possible without your special brand of humour  and also the terrific cooperation that you extend to us in making sure everything works smoothly on the day from absolute start to finish.
We would happily recommend you to anyone who wants a great AV set up and a great support team.
See you next year!

The ball committee

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