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Light Processor Q12 hire

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A school friendly two preset desk which is at home covering basic dimming control and led. You can store scenes and sequences. A popular choice for quick hands on control.

This two preset desk has flash buttons on each channel and master faders to control the overall level of each preset and chase. The total desk output is controlled by the grand master
fader with instantaneous blackout provided by the DBO switch. Crossfading between the two presets is ‘dipless’ and is variable between zero and forty seconds.

Any setting of any number of channels may be stored as a scene in one of the 10 pages of 12 (total 120) scene memories. Stored scenes may be subsequently recalled, modified or copied. Scenes are recalled using the lower preset faders as scene submasters, multiple scenes may be mixed from the same or different pages.

A sequence of lighting may be programmed and stored in any of the 12 chase memories. The individual steps of each sequence may contain settings of single or multiple channels or a previously stored scene. The running speed may be varied using the chase rate control, manually advanced with the bump button or triggered by a music beat via the audio input or internal microphone.

Power Supply: +15 to +18V DC 300mA via special PSU or phantom feed from two dimmers.
Outputs: Analogue 0 to+10V DC via locking DIN’s and DMX512 via XLR5.
Audio Input: Mono 1/4″ Jack, 775mV line level. Also internal microphone.
Dimensions: Rack version 7U x 19 inches x 55mm.
Tabletop version overall 500 x 312 x 120mm.
Weight: 4Kg.

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