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Led RGBA uplighter / parcan hire

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Heavy duty and very well made rugged led unit suited to front lighting of stages, specials and uplighting.

Fitted with a dual yoke and supplied with clamps if required to hang.

RGBA is a really handy colour pallet as by adding in the amber led you can add an entire new set of tones to your colour mixes.

Cased in fours (lightweight fibre cases) and fitted with IEC in and THRU.


Very handy fixtures indeed !

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"Our company has been working in the corporate entertainment industry for over ten years and have worked with many different technical suppliers. The Phonophobia team are the height of professionalism and the most conscientious company out there. The technical staff are highly skilled, hard working and easy to communicate with and the equipment is all maintained to the highest standards. The support and backup offered in between contracts is invaluable to us and correspondence is picked up and replied to immediately.It's a pleasure and a breath of fresh air working with Mark and the Phonophobia team. We would never think to call anyone else."

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