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d&b Audiotechnik p1200a hire

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We still have them! although heavy and pretty old school now the P1200A are still considered one of D&B’s finest amplifiers. Still requested regularly especially with C4 systems the P1200A will continue to be a widely ordered and satisfying amplifier.

Warehouse ready in pairs we are happy to configure racks to your specifications.  Our P1200A’s are fitted with EP5 connectors and we are able to include adaptors to NL4 if required.

The P1200A mainframe power amplifiers can  deliver 400W

continuous sine wave output power into an 8 ohm load. With a

4 ohms load, the output power increases to 600 W continuous sine


P1200A Supplied with C4 cards

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Hi Mark
Big thanks to your team. The ball was a great success, raising lots of money for our two charities.
It would not have been possible without your special brand of humour  and also the terrific cooperation that you extend to us in making sure everything works smoothly on the day from absolute start to finish.
We would happily recommend you to anyone who wants a great AV set up and a great support team.
See you next year!

The ball committee

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