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D&B Audiotechnik M4 hire

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If you have never used one you will certainly have seen them across almost any major event stage.

The d&B M4 is a trusted reference monitor for touring artists world wide.

These are our most loved wedges and have delivered beyond expectation time and time again on stage across the world! Simple to deploy alone or in multiples and with the usual d&b wizard magic can be simply switched to active or passive from the amplifier ….. now thats magic!

If you need proper monitoring then these are exactly what you need!  Can also be deployed on stands and as part of larger systems when required.

We can also supply D12 racks prepped to boot so do feel welcome to ask.

Our M4’s are supplied on EP5 and we can supply adaptors to NL4 at no cost plus stage cable multicore systems with patching for complex monitor setups.

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"It went great, thank you. It was jam-packed and everyone was impressed by the look of the stage."

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