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d&b Audiotechnik J sub hire

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D&B’s largest system (J) can be found at large scale events across the world. The J sub is powerful and simply breathtaking cardioid enclosure. Best suited to use with J series but also father fantastic when used under a V, C or even Q series system the J sub is guaranteed to satisfy the mix requirements.

Our J series is supplied on EP5 and we can supply adaptors to NLT4 if requested.

J subs are supplied as single units with transit lid.

The d&b Audiotechnik J-SUB is an actively driven 2-way bass-reflex design housing three long excursion neodymium 18″ drivers, two drivers face to the front and one driver to the rear. The cardioid dispersion pattern resulting from this approach avoids unwanted energy behind the system that greatly reduces the reverberant field at low frequencies and provides the greatest accuracy of low frequency reproduction. J-SUB cabinets can be used to supplement J8 and J12 loudspeakers in various combinations, ground stacked or flown, either integrated on top of a J8 / J12 array or as a separate column.

Components3 x 18″ driver
Max. sound pressure (1m, free field) with D12138 dB SPL
Power handling capacity (RMS / peak 10 ms) front800 / 3200 W
Power handling capacity (RMS / peak 10 ms) rear400 / 1600 W
Frequency response (-5 dB)32 Hz – 70 / 100 Hz
Cabinets per D121
Dimensions mm (h x w x d)540 x 1100 x 945 / 1063
Weight kg106
Dimensions inch (h x w x d)21.3 x 43.3 x 37.2 / 41.8
Weight lb234

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"I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you and your team for a very successful three events,  Ciaran was absolutely brilliant and all went very well from our point of view.The change over on Saturday wasn’t easy but Ciaran made sure everything was set up in time and all ran very smoothly so please do pass on my thanks again to him.It was great to work with such an efficient and reliable supplier so I will definitely be keeping your details on file for future reference. "

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