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Camco Vortex 6 hire

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Solid and reliable power, the Camco Vortex series are guaranteed to deliver. A solid world class respected amplifier from the leaders in amplification technology.  Stable at 2ohms and happy to power sub loads we really do trust these units with a range of daily use.

We can supply vortex racks in any configuration and can mix in our Q power stock as well for multi channel systems and demanding applications.

All Vortex amplifiers feature microprocessors that control and monitor internal housekeeping tasks and have a unique 3-stage switch-mode power supply which ensures true wideband output power delivery unlike other designs that tend to sound light on low-end performance.

Vortex 6 Specifications:
* Stereo Power 8 Ohms = 1300W / ch
* Stereo Power 4 Ohms = 2100W / ch
* Stereo Power 2 Ohms = 3000W / ch
* Bridge Power 8 Ohms = 4200W (mono)
* Bridge Power 4 Ohms = 6000W (mono)

Dimensions: 88.9*483*420 mm
Weight: 12.4Kg

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Hi Mark
Big thanks to your team. The ball was a great success, raising lots of money for our two charities.
It would not have been possible without your special brand of humour  and also the terrific cooperation that you extend to us in making sure everything works smoothly on the day from absolute start to finish.
We would happily recommend you to anyone who wants a great AV set up and a great support team.
See you next year!

The ball committee

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