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Camco Vortex 6 hire

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Solid and reliable power, the Camco Vortex series are guaranteed to deliver. A solid world class respected amplifier from the leaders in amplification technology.  Stable at 2ohms and happy to power sub loads we really do trust these units with a range of daily use.

We can supply vortex racks in any configuration and can mix in our Q power stock as well for multi channel systems and demanding applications.

All Vortex amplifiers feature microprocessors that control and monitor internal housekeeping tasks and have a unique 3-stage switch-mode power supply which ensures true wideband output power delivery unlike other designs that tend to sound light on low-end performance.

Vortex 6 Specifications:
* Stereo Power 8 Ohms = 1300W / ch
* Stereo Power 4 Ohms = 2100W / ch
* Stereo Power 2 Ohms = 3000W / ch
* Bridge Power 8 Ohms = 4200W (mono)
* Bridge Power 4 Ohms = 6000W (mono)

Dimensions: 88.9*483*420 mm
Weight: 12.4Kg

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