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Avolites Pearl Expert with Touch Wing hire

Avolites Pearl Expert Titan With Touch Wing
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Every pro knows Avo! brimming with the features which make Avo great! A brilliant house board for a festival or show, great for busking and managing large quantities of movers.  The touch wing makes light work of getting organised.

Simply a fantastic product!

The Pearl Experts boasts great build quality including ultra smooth encodes, aluminium encoder wheels and high quality carbon track linear faders.
The Pearl Expert includes:

Dual Playback rollers 
Discreet QWERTY keyboard with integral trackpad 
60 Submasters
60 Direct Access Add and Swop Buttons
Ethernet output – Artnet Protcol fully supported and enabling 12 full speed DMX Universes
4 DMX outputs giving 2048 DMX Channels
Media Serve Support 
MIDI Time Code Control – Sequences can be synchronised to Timecode for perfect cueing. Playback buttons or faders can also be remotely activated by MIDI.
Analogue stereo line-level input via 2.5 mm mini jack. Use Bass, Mid or Treble to sound-to-light trigger any or all of the consoles playbacks.
TITAN Operating System – the TITAN OS takes full advantage of multithreading capabilities of the Intel Core Duo™ processors. The Pearl Expert also offers a dual boot function allowing you to switch to Pearl Classic Mode, the industry standard Pearl OS that you all know

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