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Allen & Heath Mix wiz 3 hire

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Compact, stylish and capable, the Mix Wiz 3 from Allen & Heath is a great tool for a range of applications.

Built in effects engines and auxes for days, with allen& heaths quality EQ you cant go far wrong. This console is great for conferencing, live music and side of stage control of those “random” gigs.

We love these so much we have a few!

16 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, and direct output
• 100mm Faders – throughout
• 4-band EQ – comprehensive equalisation with 2 sweepable mids
• 6 auxiliary sends – 2 pre, 2 switched, 2 post fade (may be reconfigured)
• 2 stereo returns – on TRS jack
• Dedicated mono output fader with innovative mode for control of aux fed subs
• Independent A-B output to feed any number of applications, including a 2-track recorder, monitor foldback or speaker fills
• Metering – Twin 3-colour, 12 segment bargraphs follow selected monitor source, channel signal and peak LEDs
• Onboard FX – 16 FX programs with external editing software connected via MIDI
• Pluggable jumpers for user configurability
• Mounting – desk or rack mountable, with rotating connector pod
• Sys-Link 2 output option – for connection to other Allen & Heath Sys-Link compatible consoles

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