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PP 2 HD Output Media Server hire

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The diet version of our very own media server machines loaded with resolume arena 4 and installed with Enttec dmx control dongles these servers are great for HD outputs, multiple projectors and those jobs where something high grade and reliable is needed.

High power machine racked with pop out screen and keyboard. Perfect for multiple led video wall operations.  Fitted with dvi capture cards.

The resolume software is very easy to manage and makes mapping a piece of cake, we are always on hand to assist with any technical questions or requirements so never be afraid to call.

This Server runs windows 7 64bit with Resolume ARENA 4

Two HD Outputs via Minni Display Ports
Supports Crossfire & SLI
6gb ddr3 Ram
750GB Storage copacity
Multi-CPU support
Crossfire & SLI


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