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XLR Fixed tail stage breakouts

We have a range of xlr stage distribution breakouts (satellites). Four channel to 16ch in a range of lengths which we can supply individually or as part of larger stage signal solutions.

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12 way passive monitor split

12 way cable splits (xlr) perfect for small channel count splits for recording, monitoring and broadcast

48 way monitor splits xlr rack

A popular compact passive splits solution for small shows, tours and events. 48 inputs to the front to two sets of outs on the rear, these can be supplied as standalone units or with cable systems to suit your needs.

Speakon & EP5 Multicores

We have available a range of stage speaker signal solutions in both Speakon and EP5 consisting of fixed length units up to multi pin patchable systems for flown arrays and multi monitor systems.

Mirror ball Motors

We have a selection of mirror ball motors in different sizes and weight loadings to cater for our range of mirror ball hire stock. We can supply a number of control and rigging options so do feel welcome to enquire.

63amp 3 phase distro

63amp 3phase distro – 2x 32 three phase outlets

63amp 3 phase distro

63amp three phase distro – 12x 16 outlets

63 amp 3 phase Distro

63a 3 phase distro with 3x 63a single phase outs, 6x 16a single phase outs and 6x 32a single phase outs.

32amp 3 phase distro

32amp three phase distro – 18x 16 outlets

32amp 3 phase distro

32amp three phase distro – 12x powercon outlets

63 amp single phase distro

63 amp single phase distro 4x 32 amp 12x 16 amp

63 amp single

63amp single phase 6x 16 amp outs

32amp single phase distro

32amp single phase distro – 4x 16 outlets

32 amp single phase

32 amp in and out 4x 16amp outs


32 amp single phase distro

32a amp single 3x 16 outs

32a Distro

16amp rack distro – 16amp through 6x 13 outlets

16 amp distro

16amp distro – 16amp through 6x 13 outlets

16 amp distro

16amp distro 4x 16 amp outs

125a 3phase power lock

125a 3phase male to power lock

125a 3phase Jumper

125a 3phase Jumper

125a 3 phase jumper

125a 3phase female to 63a 3phase male

63 3 phase Jumper

63 3phase male to 125a 3hapse female

63a 3phase jumper

63a 3phase male to 32a 3phase female

Selection of 63 amp 3phase

32a 3 phase Jumper

32a 3phase male to 63a 3phase female

16a 3 phase jumper

16a 3phase male – 32a 3phase female

Selection of 63 amp single phase

Selection of 16 amp

16 amp 3 way split

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