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These are tiny, well crafted and unique little cabinets which deliver quite a satisfying amount of energy when required. Fully self powered and perfect for hiding in little spaces, tough rooms where the location of audio reinforcement needs consideration or … Read more

FBT Verve 108

Clean, discrete and powerful.  We have chosen the FBT Verve 108 as our general hire loudspeakers for corporate hires where speech reproduction is important.  Perfect also for back ground music and fills these boxes do the trick daily. Fitted with … Read more

FBT Xpro 12a

A great all rounder self powered cabinet. Perfect for self powered box on a stick deployment or utilising their wedge angles as light weight punchy monitor enclosures.  The Xpro 12A is perfect for disco, party and DJ monitoring applications as … Read more

FBT X SUB 18 sa

This is a compact 18″ loaded self powered sub bass enclosure which is perfect for adding that low end thump to a party, perfect for disco use and live music. Our X subs have castors fitted to the rear and … Read more

FBT Verve 112ma

Quality low profile discrete self powered wedge speakers. Added to rental stock by accident really, we purchased our first few as powered shout wedges for communication between FOH and MONITORS .. .. turns out they are actually really lovely boxes! B&C … Read more

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