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D&B Loudspeakers, Amplifiers and Accessories

Our collection of D&B Audiotechnik loudspeakers and amplifiers deliver flexibility and maximum efficiency with paint finishes and rigging accessories for weather protection and seamless visual integration. Each amplifier and loudspeaker features certain D&B qualities such as continuous directivity control to low frequencies, integrated flying equipment and high-quality subwoofer technology.

From small conference rooms to huge arenas, our range of mobile D&B loudspeakers are suitable for a wide range of events. For example, concert halls, theatres and broadcast studios are some venues that can use D&B loudspeakers and amplifiers. Using the loudspeakers and amplifiers for your event ensures quality volume augmentation of a speaker or musicians’ voice or instruments.

One of our most popular amplifiers is the D&B Audiotechnik D12. It is capable of being combined with all D&B loudspeakers and has both analogue and digital signal inputs and link outputs. It also has protection circuits and remote control capabilities. Using the D12 amplifier provides a D&B loudspeaker with configurations and functions that ensures reliable quality sound.

Other than the loudspeakers and amplifiers, we also offer other D&B accessories that complement the amplifiers and speakers. We offer swivel brackets, transformer bars, load adapters and flying frames.

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