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Crown XTI 6002

The largest of the XTI 2 family, a very powerful and high quality amplifier. ¬†Comfortable running 2ohm loads. The xti 6002 is a real work horse. We can supply as single units or rack with distro to your requirements. Number … Read more

Crown XTI 1002

The smallest of our crown digital offerings, a quality and robust stereo power amplifier with a range of control and dsp features built in. Perfect for the smaller speaker enclosures and particularly useful for speech audio systems reliability is as … Read more

Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD

A ¬†touring grade world renowned multi channel high power full DSP amplifier from crown. A must for anyone who wishes to make use of the most up to date DSP presets for all of the touring JBL range and other … Read more

Crown XTI 4002

The Crown XTI 4002 is another trusted workhorse and popular hire unit, these amplifiers are built with quality in mind and benefit from the same built in DSP solutions as the rest of the xti range. These amps are great … Read more

Crown XTI 2002

Crown XTI 2002 is a rental favourite, well suited to a range of applications from monitors, cabinets on sticks for conference and music and even some sub duty. Very well constructed and consistent high quality across the whole xti 2 … Read more

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