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Pre built distro units from Rubber Box and Integral Electronics. All our distro's are tested and inspected prior to each hire and can be supplied with a range of cable and socket options to suit your requirements.

Model Brand

63amp 3 phase distro

63amp 3phase distro – 2x 32 three phase outlets

63amp 3 phase distro

63amp three phase distro – 12x 16 outlets

63 amp 3 phase Distro

63a 3 phase distro with 3x 63a single phase outs, 6x 16a single phase outs and 6x 32a single phase outs.

32amp 3 phase distro

32amp three phase distro – 18x 16 outlets

32amp 3 phase distro

32amp three phase distro – 12x powercon outlets

63 amp single phase distro

63 amp single phase distro 4x 32 amp 12x 16 amp

63 amp single

63amp single phase 6x 16 amp outs

32amp single phase distro

32amp single phase distro – 4x 16 outlets

32 amp single phase

32 amp in and out 4x 16amp outs

32 amp single phase distro

32a amp single 3x 16 outs

16 amp distro

16amp distro – 16amp through 6x 13 outlets

16 amp distro

16amp distro 4x 16 amp outs

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"I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you and your team for a very successful three events,  Ciaran was absolutely brilliant and all went very well from our point of view. The change over on Saturday wasn’t easy but Ciaran made sure everything was set up in time and all ran very smoothly so please do pass on my thanks again to him. It was great to work with such an efficient and reliable supplier so I will definitely be keeping your details on file for future reference.  "

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