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Light processor Paradim 6ch hire

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Software ‘lockout’ on all user set
options. Electrical ‘lockout’ on
installer options
40 character input text message
Easy internal access from the front of
the unit whilst still installed and wired
Power devices and drive electronics
modules replaceable without tools
Circuit breakers fitted as standard
Selectable dimming curves, preheat and max/min settings for each
DMX512 input and link-through on
locking XLRs. 0-10V analogue input
on standard 8pin DIN
Processor controlled active ventilation
system drawing air in at the rear and
exhausting through the front
Good sized connector for multi-cable
connection to each output
National socket variants available
Local control via faders
Sockets on rear

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"A BIG BIG THANK YOU for all your help and support on (and during) Parallel London 2016. The event was a great success and we have had so much positive feedback and nice comments from all communities. Thanks to you and your team, which made this event such a success."

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